Yong Hu (胡勇)

Machine Learning Engineer at WeChat AI
Tencent, Beijing, China

[Github], [Google Scholar], [Zhihu]
Email: nghuyong@163.com

About Me

Hi, I am a machine learning engineer at WeChat AI, Tencent Inc. Before coming to Tencent, I received my M.S. in 2021 from Beijing Institute of Technology. In BIT, I worked on natural language processing and machine learning, under the supervision of Prof. HeYan Huang and XianLing Mao.

As an engineer in the field of artificial intelligence, I have a great passion for two things: (1) Do knowledge sharing: Let more people know what AI is and how AI can help their lives. (2) Do AI+X: Let AI combine with a specific industry (such as finance, medicine, etc.) and improve the operational efficiency.


  • Machine Learning Engineer (June 2021 - Now)
    Pattern Recognition Center, WeChat AI, Tencent
    Responsible for the research and application of large language models (like ChatGPT).
  • Co-founder (July 2019 - June 2021)
    Effyic, an artificial intelligence startup
    Lead the team for algorithm design and engineering implementation of AI products from scratch, e.g., intelligent customer service and intelligent call center.
  • Software Engineer Intern (July 2018 - Sept 2018)
    Jiuheng Technology, a digital currency quantitative fund
    Responsible for building a stable and real-time digital currency transaction data collection system.
  • Software Engineer Intern (Oct. 2017 - Jan. 2018)
    Suzhou Research Institute, HuaWei
    Participate in the front-end development of the power IOT management system.

Selected Works

  1. [📃Paper] Multi-task Learning for Low-resource Second Language Acquisition Modeling [paper] [code]
    Yong Hu, Heyan Huang, Tian Lan, Xiaochi Wei, Yuxiang Nie, Jiarui Qi, Liner Yang, Xian-Ling Mao @APWeb-WAIM 2020
    The first paper, after repeated revisions, was finally published, thanks to all the collaborators. This work is the application of AI in education, helping students build a personalized learning path through AI.
  2. [📃Paper] Weibo-COV: A Large-Scale COVID-19 Social Media Dataset from Weibo [paper] [code]
    Yong Hu, Heyan Huang, Anfan Chen, Xian-Ling Mao @EMNLP2020
    The largest Chinese social media dataset of Covid-19, which has supported 200+ research projects around the world.
  3. [🧑🏻‍💻Project] WeiboSpider
    This project is a popular Sina Weibo collection system (in Chinese)
    Thousands of stars gave me great confidence to do open source projects. In this process, I also got a lot of opportunities and made many good friends.
  4. [🧑🏻‍💻Project] ERNIE-Pytorch
    This project is to convert ERNIE series models from paddlepaddle to huggingface's format.
    A simple but very useful AI tool! It makes many strong Chinese pretrained model to be easy and fast to use.